• UBS Offers To Buy Embattled Bank Credit Suisse For Up To $1 Billion

    13 days ago - By Forbes

    A deal could be announced Sunday-but there's no guarantee UBS will buy its troubled rival.
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  • UBS Nears Deal to Buy Credit Suisse

    13 days ago - By NY Times

    The Swiss government is close to announcing a deal for UBS to buy Credit Suisse, its smaller rival, for about $1 billion.
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  • Switzerland mulls nationalization of Credit Suisse as UBS's $1 billion offer deemed too low

    13 days ago - By Fortune

    Swiss authorities are considering a full or partial nationalization and hope to finalize a solution by the time Asian markets open.
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  • UBS faces pushback after offering to buy Credit Suisse for $1 billion

    13 days ago - By Fortune

    Credit Suisse believes the UBS offer is too low and would hurt shareholders and employees who have deferred stock.
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  • UBS offers up to $1 billion to rescue Credit Suisse, report says

    13 days ago - By Business Insider

    Credit Suisse was worth about $9.5 billion when trading ended on Friday. Arnd Wiegmann/Getty Images
    UBS is offering to pay up to $1 billion to buy Credit Suisse, the Financial Times reported.
    UBS has been in talks this weekend about buying some or all of its troubled Swiss rival.
    The terms of the deal could still change in a rapidly developing situation, per the FT.
    UBS is proposing to pay up to $1 billion to rescue its troubled Swiss rival Credit Suisse, the Financial Times reported Sunday. Swiss regulators plan to make an emergency change to laws so it can avoid a shareholder vote on the...
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