• Fact-checking what Donald Trump's lawyer said about the president-elect's finances

    One year ago - By The Washington Post

    We fact-check two suspect claims about Trump's finances, made by his attorney.
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  • Trump drop-kicks the ‘intelligence' fake news

    Trump drop-kicks the ‘intelligence' fake news

    One year ago - By New York Post

    At Wednesday's press conference, President-elect Donald Trump pretty deftly skewered the latest “fake news” about Moscow's supposed dossier of dirt on him, while further de-escalating tensions with the US intelligence community over Russian interference in the election. Let's hope it all keeps calming down. Notably, Trump kicked off by complimenting most of the media for...
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  • Donald Trump's News Conference Is No Joke To Trevor Noah

    Donald Trump's News Conference Is No Joke To Trevor Noah

    One year ago - By The Huffington Post

    Trevor Noah's job is to be a comedian, but he is deadly serious that Donald Trump 's first conference as president-elect sets an ominous tone for the next four years.
    During Wednesday's news conference, Trump refused to take a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, calling the network “fake news.”
    On Wednesday's “The Daily Show,” Noah said this is nothing to joke about.
    “In America, the press is supposed to be the check on the president, not the other way around,” Noah said. “This is essentially the first step in the ‘Authoritarian Tango.'”
    Noah said that if Trump can shut down CNN by...
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  • Combative Trump concedes Russia's role in election hacking

    Combative Trump concedes Russia's role in election hacking

    One year ago - By News OK

    NEW YORK - In a combative and freewheeling news conference, President-elect Donald Trump said for the first time Wednesday that he accepts Russia was behind the election year hacking of Democrats that roiled the White House race.
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  • Sean Hannity on Donald Trump News Conference, 'Beatdown' of Mainstream Media

    One year ago - By FOX News

    In his opening monologue tonight, Sean Hannity reacted to President-elect Donald Trump's news conference, calling it "the single greatest beat down of the alt-left, abusively biased mainstream media in the history of the country."
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  • Fact-checking President-elect Donald Trump's news conference

    One year ago - By The Morning Call

    President-elect Donald Trump finally held a news conference, but as is typical, he often made claims that have been repeatedly debunked or discredited. Here's a guide to 15 of his more notable statements, in the order in which he made them. - "It's very familiar territory, news conferences, because...
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