• Biden questions whether a vaccine approved by Trump would be safe

    8 days ago - By The Washington Post

    “I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. But I don't trust Donald Trump,” the Democrat said.
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  • 'I Trust Vaccines. I Trust Scientists. But I Don't Trust Donald Trump,' Biden Says

    'I Trust Vaccines. I Trust Scientists. But I Don't Trust Donald Trump,' Biden Says

    8 days ago - By NPR

    In remarks, Joe Biden details his plan to distribute a vaccine for the coronavirus, which he said must be based solely on science.
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  • On coronavirus vaccines, Biden says he'll trust scientists, not Trump

    8 days ago - By Politico

    Democratic nominee Joe Biden sharply questioned the Trump administration's process for approving a coronavirus vaccine while expressing broad confidence in vaccines and the scientists who create, study, and vet them.
    "I trust vaccines, I trust the scientists, but I don't trust Donald Trump," he said at a press conference Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware, following a nearly two-hour briefing from his team of health experts.
    Polls show growing public skepticism about a coronavirus vaccine, and if millions of people shun a shot, it won't bring an end to the pandemic. So Biden tried to thread...
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  • Biden says he trusts vaccines and scientists, not Trump

    8 days ago - By My Sanantonio

    WILMINGTON, Del. - Joe Biden said Wednesday that while he trusts what scientists say about a potential coronavirus vaccine, he doesn't trust President Donald Trump.
    His comments come as the debate over a vaccine - how it will be evaluated and distributed when it's ready - has taken center stage in the presidential race with seven weeks to go until the November election.
    Trump and Biden have been trading accusations that the other is undermining public trust in a potential coronavirus vaccine. Biden has expressed concerns that the vaccine approval process could be politicized, while Trump...
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  • Biden Says He Trusts Vaccines And Scientists, But ‘I Don't Trust Donald Trump'

    8 days ago - By Forbes

    'This is the same guy who said inject bleach,' Biden said of Trump, noting low public confidence in the Trump administration to put out a vaccine.
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