• New York City Mayor Announces A Furlough Week As City Faces Shortfall

    8 days ago - By NPR

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he and other staff will take an unpaid furlough week. He faults the federal and state governments for not doing more to ease the financial burden.
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  • De Blasio furloughs mayor's office staffers, and himself

    De Blasio furloughs mayor's office staffers, and himself

    8 days ago - By Politico

    NEW YORK - Hundreds of staffers in the mayor's office - and Mayor Bill de Blasio himself - will be placed on a weeklong, unpaid furlough as the city grapples with a multibillion-dollar budget gap, the mayor announced Wednesday.
    All 500 employees of the mayor's office will be required to take five unpaid days off between Oct. 1 and March, saving about $1 million for the city. That's a drop in the bucket compared to the $9 billion in revenue the city has lost due to the coronavirus crisis, but de Blasio said the move was intended to send a message that the budget pain is being felt at the...
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