• ‘Fake News': President-elect Trump Blasts CNN & BuzzFeed

    One year ago - By FOX News

    At a press conference today in New York City, President-Elect Donald Trump covered several subjects from inaccurate press coverage to relations with Russia.
    FOX's Tonya J. Powers was there and has more:
    In his press conference today, the first since July, President-elect Donald Trump said the relationship between Russian president Vladimir Putin and the incoming administration will be different:
    “Russia will have much greater respect for our country when I'm leading it than when other people have led it.”
    Speaking to reporters at Trump Tower, he blasted the report issued by BuzzFeed on...
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  • Donald Trump's ‘Golden Showers' Report Made Him Go Off On ‘Fake News' Press

    One year ago - By News One

    In his first press conference since he won the election, President-elect Donald Trump has called the released CNN and Buzzfeed reports about his sexual proclivities garnered by Russian spies “fake news” and actually got into a shouting match with a CNN reporter.
    Trump decided to have his first press conference since July on Wednesday, days before he was to take office and during the confirmation hearings of Jeff Sessions , his attorney general, and Rex Tillerson , his choice for Secretary of State.
    The press conference was contentious from the beginning, when he called Buzzfeed, the outlet...
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  • Trump Dismisses Russian Connection Allegations As 'Fake News'

    Trump Dismisses Russian Connection Allegations As 'Fake News'

    One year ago - By NPR

    In his first news conference since last summer, he denied unverified reports that Russia has compromising intelligence on him and outlined how he'd try to unwind his complex businesses as president.
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  • Donald Trump Dismisses Russia Reports as 'Fake News' During Bizarre Press Conference

    One year ago - By Newsweek

    Trump's first press conference since July lasted about an hour.
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