• The Constitution has no way to deal with the fact that Trump is implicated in a serious crime

    5 monthes ago - By Think Progress

    Federal prosecutors filed a raft of court documents on Friday involving former Trump consiglieri Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. The biggest revelation in these documents is that the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan now believes that Donald Trump himself committed criminal violations of the law.
    The crucial words here are “acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1.” The same document identifies “Individual-1” as someone who Cohen used to work for and who “began an ultimately successful campaign for the President of the United States,” so there's no question who...
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  • Court filings allege Cohen broke law on President's direction

    Court filings allege Cohen broke law on President's direction

    5 monthes ago - By WGN TV

    Court filings reveal new details about two men who once had close ties to President Trump.
    They show the President's former attorney, Michael Cohen, acted on the President's direction, when he broke the law in two election-related crimes.
    Federal prosecutors in New York are recommending a maximum of four years behind bars for Cohen, because they say his crimes were just that serious.
    In August, Cohen plead guilty to eight federal crimes.
    This newest report says Trump's personal attorney was in contact with Russian nationals dating back to 2015. One Russian even offering "political synergy...
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  • George Conway Ridicules Trump for Saying Court Filing “Totally Clears the President”

    5 monthes ago - By Slate

    Shortly after federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York filed their sentencing memo for President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, the commander in chief took to Twitter to share his interpretation of what the document meant for him. “Totally clears the President,” Trump wrote. “Thank you!”
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  • What new Manafort and Cohen court filings say about Trump

    5 monthes ago - By NBC News

    NBC legal analyst Danny Cevallos joins TODAY to provide insight into the new court filings released in cases against former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and what those documents mean for President Trump.
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