• After MeToo, Kevin Spacey movie ‘Billionaire Boys Club' earns $126 on opening day

    8 monthes ago - By National Post

    Sometime over the weekend, a moviegoer at the Deer Valley Cinema in Antioch, California, forked over $9 to sit in an otherwise empty theater - unwittingly becoming a solitary, popcorn-chomping symbol of just how forcefully the MeToo movement has rocked Hollywood, and one actor in particular.
    That actor is Kevin Spacey, a two-time Oscar winner, whose last movie, “Baby Driver,” raked in $20.5 million on its opening day.
    His latest movie, “Billionaire Boys Club,” brought in a career-low opening day total for the actor, according to the Hollywood Reporter:
    Billionaire Boys Club poster
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  • Here's why you've heard nothing about Kevin Spacey's new film ‘Billionaire Boys'

    Here's why you've heard nothing about Kevin Spacey's new film ‘Billionaire Boys'

    8 monthes ago - By CNBC

    Kevin Spacey's new movie hit theaters this weekend. So, why didn't you hear anything about it?
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  • Kevin Spacey's new movie ‘Billionaire Boys Club' grossed just $126 on first night

    8 monthes ago - By Boston Herald

    Kevin Spacey's first film since he was accused of sexual misconduct hit theaters this weekend, and raked in a dismal $126 on opening night. “Billionaire Boys Club” opened Friday night in eight theaters across the U.S., in cities including Phoenix, Detroit, New Orleans and Miami. But the James Cox-directed film fared poorly, collecting just $126 on its first day, and scraping together $162 on its second, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
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