• The youngest pope in history was a tween ruled 3 separate times in his life

    One year ago - By Business Insider

    The INSIDER Summary
    • The youngest pope ever was Benedict IX.
    • He likely became pope when he was 12.
    • The church was marked with political instability - he became pope three separate times.
    HBO's new show "The Young Pope" takes place in a world where we get a new pope.
    As you may have surmised from the title, he's a sprightly one - just 47 years old. That's pretty young for a pope when they are, on average , elected in their 60s.
    The character, Lenny Balardo, is played by Jude Law, 44, who takes the title of Pope Pius XIII.
    The youngest pope in history, however, is less than half that...
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