• WATCH: Scientists say world's oceans are warming up much faster than anticipated

    5 monthes ago - By ABC News

    The world's oceans are warming at an accelerated rate and things could get a lot worse if nothing is done to stop climate change, according to a new study.
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  • New Climate Change Report Says Ocean Warming Is Far Worse Than Expected

    5 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Five years ago, a United Nations panel estimated how quickly the world's oceans would continue to heat up as the planet warms due to climate change.
    The oceans are heating up all right. In fact, the Earth's oceans are warming 40% faster than that UN panel predicted, according to new analysis published Thursday in the journal Science .
    About 93% of the greenhouse gasses humans emit are trapped by the oceans, which serve as a vital buffer as carbon emissions continue to climb despite warnings that we're causing irreversible destruction to the planet. And warming oceans lead to a lot of other...
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