• NASA's Mars ‘Opportunity' Rover May Be Lost in Massive Dust Storm

    7 monthes ago - By Fortune

    It outlasted its 90-day initial mission by over 14 years, but a massive Martian dust storm could put an end to the solar-powered Opportunity rover's travels. The storm has blanketed 14 million square miles of Mars, or about a quarter of the planet, which is currently inhabited only by active and inactive robots.
    Opportunity began its lonely sojourn Jan. 25, 2004, and helped Earth-bound scientists examine meteorites on the Meridiani Plains, and discovered traces of ancient acidic lakes.
    NASA says the solar-powered craft stopped responding on June 12 , but all hope isn't lost. The agency...
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  • NASA's Opportunity Mars Rover Is Battling a Dust Storm of Epic Proportions. Will It Survive?

    7 monthes ago - By Space

    NASA's long-lived Opportunity Mars rover is weathering a monster dust storm that has plunged its environs into permanent darkness.
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