• Roger Federer gifted Serena Williams one of his Wilson tennis rackets after winning their New Year's Day showdown, but she gave it back

    5 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Roger Federer defeated Serena Williams in a mixed doubles match on New Year's Day.
    After the match, the two tennis greats gave an on-court interview, then took a selfie.
    The selfie saw them holding two of Federer's black Wilson tennis rackets, one of which he gifted to Williams.
    However, he said she gave it back to him as she "wasn't sure if she was actually allowed to keep it."
    He made it clear it was a gift, and gave it back to her again - but she didn't return the gesture.
    Roger Federer gifted fellow tennis great Serena Williams one of his famous Wilson rackets after beating her in...
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