• 'The market basically flipped on us in a six-month period': Why mobile-ad company Kargo decided to blow up a $100 million business

    8 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    A few years ago, the mobile-ad company Kargo had built a solid $100 million business selling mobile banners to big publishers.
    Programmatic ad buying was slower to come to mobile, the company says. Then, last year, "it slammed us."
    The sudden shift forced the company to morph from an ad network to an ad-tech company, which meant turning over a chunk of its staff.
    The mobile-ad company Kargo closed out 2015 crossing the $100 million revenue threshold. A few years later, the company decided to blow everything up.
    Kargo made its name building an ad network that sold a variety of custom mobile...
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