• We gorged ourselves on IHOP's All You Can Eat Pancakes and and discovered why it was a horrible idea

    9 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    IHOP's All You Can Eat pancake deal is back and continuing until mid-February.
    This year, the promotion costs $3.99.
    While nonstop pancakes may sound like a dream come true, it ended up being our sugary nightmare.
    We at Business Insider love a good bargain - especially when it comes to food.
    So when we heard about IHOP's All You Can Eat pancake promotion, we immediately began dreaming of syrupy stacks.
    Little did we know, our flapjack fantasy would fall into pancake perdition.
    Here's what it's like to spend five hours in a Manhattan IHOP - and why this delicious deal may not be as sweet as...
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