• This CEO is paying 600,000 strangers to help him build human-powered AI that's 'whole orders of magnitude better than Google'

    8 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Hive is a Silicon Valley startup that's best known for its AI-powered image recognition system, with customers including NASCAR.
    The dirty little secret of artificial intelligence is that it takes a lot of human labor to make it all work. But Hive embraces this.
    Hive pays 600,000 workers and counting to label photos, getting paid pennies in return. You won't get rich, but as Guo says, it's a simple "game" that makes you money - what other app on your phone can do that?
    The data gets put to use in training AI systems, at a scale that Guo says is unmatched.
    One of the worst-kept secrets in...
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